MPhil PhD Admissions

Direct Ph.D. in Media and Cultural Studies

Location: Mumbai

School: School of Media and Cultural Studies

Intake: 5



Doctoral Programmes in Media and Cultural Studies

The Ph.D. in Media and Cultural Studies provides both a regular and practice based strand of research in the discipline. The practice-based programme seeks to enable students to deepen their understanding of the nature of disciplines of practice in media and cultural studies, with a view of gaining new skills and insights relating to practice, innovating in and reflecting on practice, thus contributing to knowledge creation in the discipline, in the form of original contributions to practice and to theory, through original practice-based-research. The product that is the outcome of the practice forms an integral part of the thesis and will be evaluated along with the written document.

Eligibility: General Eligibility + Post graduation with at least five years of relevant work experience and possessing adequate competencies to undertake work in the practice area chosen by the candidate. In the case of work involving video/audio/multimedia/web production, candidates would be expected to demonstrate their competence through the sharing of work portfolios. 


Research Supervisors:-

Prof. Anjali Monteiro

Documentary Film, Censorship, Television Studies, Critical Theory, Media Education, Media and Cultural Studies, and Digital media.

Prof. KP Jayasankar

Documentary Film, Censorship, Television Studies, Media Education, Media and Cultural Studies, Critical Theory, Hermeneutics, and Digital media.

Prof. Lakshmi Lingam

Gender issues in development and macro economic policies; urban and rural poverty and women's livelihoods; women’s movements and other social movements in the period of globalization; women's health and reproductive rights; issues of culture, women's identity and agency.


Dr. Shilpa Phadke

Gender and the city, politics of feminism, digital feminisms, middle classes, public space, sexuality and the body, gender and the media, reproductive subjectivities, feminist parenting, and pedagogic practices