Mphil PhD Admissions

Intergrated MPhil-PhD programme in Women's Studies

Location: Mumbai

School: School of Development Studies

Centre: Advanced Centre for Women's Studies

Intake: 10


Candidates are requested to check the eligibility criteria before filling the application form. Candidates found ineligible will be rejected at any stage in the admission process and no grievances will be entertained in this regard.

Applicants will be shortlisted for the Research Aptitude Test (RAT) on basis of them meeting the following considerations with regard to educational qualifications, work experience and research proposal:

  • Educational Qualifications: The minimum academic qualification for admission to the integrated M.Phil. & Direct Ph.D programmes is a Second Class Master’s or equivalent degree in the relevant subject awarded by a recognised university in India or abroad, with at least an average of 55 per cent of aggregate marks, or a grade point average of 3.5 under the seven-point scale of the University Grants Commission (UGC). In the case of SC/ST/OBC(non-creamy layer)/differently-abled candidates, the minimum eligibility is an average of 50 per cent of aggregate marks, or a grade point average of 3.05.

  • Candidates who are likely to complete all the requirements of their final year Master’s Degree examinations by July 1, are also eligible to apply for M.Phil, provided they have successfully completed their first year Masters degree. In such cases, admission will be provisional. If a provisionally admitted student successfully completes the admission formalities such as clearing the Research Aptitude Test, but fails to score the minimum required mark/grade at the end of the final year examination of his/her Master’s degree, the offer of provisional admission will be automatically cancelled.

  • Work Experience: A minimum of five years of post graduation work experience is required for Direct PhD programmes. In case of the Integrated M.Phil-PhD Programme, there is no requirement of work experience. However, candidates with one to two years of work experience, will be preferred.

  • Research Proposal:

    Submission of a research proposal is a compulsory requirement for admission to the Integrated M.Phil-Ph. D and Direct Ph.D. Programme. A research proposal consisting of approximately 1,000 words should accompany the proposal and indicate the Specification of the broad field of study, Statement of the research problem and scope and objectives of the study, rationale for and the significance of the study, methodology to be followed, references, and the candidate’s research/work experience in that area, if any.

  • Candidates who have an M.Phil or equivalent degree awarded by a recognized university in India or abroad are also eligible for a Direct PhD



The M.Phil./Ph.D. programme in Women’s Studies is built on our experience and learning from the M.A. in Women’s Studies offered at TISS since 2009. The purpose of the Integrated M.Phil./ Ph.D. programme in Women’s Studies at TISS, Mumbai is to train scholars with a theoretical and empirical commitment to gender justice, and to advance the research and scholarship objectives of the Advanced Centre for Women’s Studies (ACWS). Keeping in mind the interdisciplinary character of the programme, the existing faculty strength from within the Advanced Centre for Women's Studies as well as across disciplines/ Centres/ Schools at TISS has been kept in mind while developing this research programme. The programme in Women’s Studies is offered for 2 years spread over the 4 semester teaching calendar of TISS. The course has been offered since June 2013. The first year of the Programme will consist of two semesters of course work followed by one year for completing a M.Phil. dissertation. The coursework for the programme focusses on feminist theories, practices and research methods, and engages with other social science perspectives. The dissertation topic selected by students will specifically be on Women’s Studies. After successful completion of the two years M.Phil. Programme, the students with minimum CGPA of 7.5 will have the option of moving to the Ph.D. Programme which will be of 3 years duration and will require successful completion of Ph.D. Thesis. The usual process of proposal and synopsis presentation at TISS will be followed. The students will have the option to exit the Programme after two years of successful completion of M.Phil. Programme.

Distribution of Credit Hours:

The duration of the M.Phil Programme in Women's Studies shall be two years, spread over four semesters and coinciding with the academic calendar of the Institute.

The M.Phil programme shall carry a total of 46 credits and will have the following components:

Basic Courses (BC) (12 Credits): These consist of  three  courses (6 credits)  in the theory and practice of research including feminist research; two courses (6 credits) that provide  foundational knowledge in the major  currents of social science discourse, and basic concepts related to the interdisciplinary field of Women’s Studies

Optional Courses (OC) (4 Credits): The two courses of 2 credits each, to be chosen by a student from the list of courses (that can be revised from time to time) will help extend or update her/his knowledge in the (sub) discipline that s/he has chosen to do research in.

The Dissertation under the supervision of a faculty member will proceed through the stages of synopsis formulation, preparation of a bibliography, familiarisation with the literature available on the selected research problem, and the student's original research per se. The dissertation shall be evaluated and graded by the guide and an examiner external to the Centre appointed by the Director from a panel of experts suggested by the AMC.




Semesterwise Courses:

MPhil Programme

  1. Semester I Courses: There will be three basic courses (8 credits) that provide the foundational knowledge in the major currents of social science discourse, and basic concepts related to the interdisciplinary field of Women’s Studies.

  2. Semester II Courses: There will be two basic courses (4 credits) and two optional courses of 2 credits each, to be chosen by a student from the list of courses (that will be revised from time to time) will help extend or update their knowledge in the (sub) discipline that s/he has chosen to do research in.

  3. Semester III & IV- Dissertation: The coursework in the first year of the Programme is intended to prepare students for research, and the research undertaken by students in the second year culminates in a dissertation (30 credits) submitted by the students at the end of the Programme. The usual process of MPhil dissertation evaluation will be applicable.

Courses for Integrated MPhil-PhD Programme in Women's Studies


Course no.

Course Title



BC 01

Contemporary Social Science Discourses and the Feminist Engagement



BC 02

Feminist Approaches to Disciplines, Methodologies, Methods and Tools Part I



BC 03

Theorizing Feminisms*




Total Credits (semester I)



BC 02

Feminist Approaches to Disciplines, Methodologies, Methods and Tools Part II



BC 04

Reading, Writing and Interpreting: Texts and Contexts




(choice of any two of the following optional courses)



OC 01

Disability, Body, Intersectionalities



OC 02

Perspectives and Themes on Labour, Migration and Globalization



OC 03

Women in South Asia: Movements and Writings



OC 04

Technology and Women's Bodies: Revisiting the Lived Experience Debate



OC 05

Citizenship, Human Rights and Women



OC 06

Women, Violence, Justice and Peace: An Introduction to Feminist Peace Studies




Total credits (semester II)




(process including synopsis preparation, literature survey, original research and writing)




Total Credits (semesters I,II,III &IV)


Notes: 1. BC = Basic courses, OC = Optional Courses.

1.1. 1 credit is equivalent to 15 hours of instruction

PhD (years 3-5)

Degree will be awarded after successful completion of thesis



Fee Structure:

Fee Structure for Integrated M.Phil and Ph.D Programme and Direct Ph.D Programme

(Prices in INR and subject to revision)

The full fees and deposits should be paid within the stipulated time after the announcement of the admission results. In addition, Rs. 50/- towards bank processing charges should be paid in any branch of the State Bank of India. If students fail to pay the fee on time, their candidature can be cancelled. Once the students details have been entered into the Online platform, a scanned copy of the fee receipt must be submitted via the online platform. Non-adherence to the above will be considered as equivalent to non-payment of fees.

Fee Component








Per Semester




Per Semester

Identity Card







Per Semester

Students’ Mediclaim Insurance Premium



Per Year

Development Fund



For M.Phil per Semester

For Ph.D. per Semester for 2 Years

Medical Examination Fees




Refundable Deposits




Student Union Fee



Per semester






Thesis submission



Payable three months before submission

Thesis resubmission




Degree certificate replacement




Issue of duplicate Identity Card




Sub Total




Hostel Charges:




Dining Hall



Per Semester

Hostel Room(Double/Triple) (if allotted)



Per Semester

Sub Total




*subject to revision