Nirantar: Continuing Education Programmes (STP) Admissions

School Counselling programme

Location: Mumbai

School: School of Human Ecology

Intake: 10


Eligibility for the Course:

Completion of Masters in Psychology or Masters in Education from a recognized University
Minimum three years of experience as a counsellor and with some background of working with children





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Important Dates to Remember:

 Application Deadline: 20th September 2018 

Last Date for Receipt of Completed Form by email: 15th Sept, 2018.

Personal Interview: First Week of October 2018.

Announcement of selection: Second Week of October, 2018.

Course Contact Period: 14th November 2018 to 7th March 2019

Examinations and Assessments: 18th March to 2nd April 2018.

Announcement of results By 15 May 2019.


Candidates will not be provided with accommodation facilities. Selected candidates will be assisted to find accommodation close to the Institute.


-Mamatha & Rajani for TISS.

-Dr Gideon Arulmani & Ms Sajma Arvind for Promise Foundation (



Rationale: Masters' in Applied Psychology, with Specialisation in Counselling Psychology that provide in-depth inputs to work in school settings are few in number in India. Some school-based counselling and guidance courses at the Post-Masters' level exist and provide for the basic inputs in counselling and guidance. The main aim of this Short-Term Programme will be to support counsellors working in schools or candidates who have completed a Master’s in Psychology and would want practice inputs through the provision of supervised field work or “supervision of the practice”. More importantly, an agentic perspective, which will include a humanistic perspective and interventions that are child and family-based in a systemic perspective that have been the underlying base of the Master’s Programme will inform this Course as well.


The Course aims to enhance the professional skills and strengthen field practice of already existing professionals in the field by strengthening theory and by providing supervision. (There is also the Short-term Career Counselling, a Course that is under way in collaboration with Promise Foundation, Bengaluru. Students can get the Short-Term Certificate in Career Counselling on completion of this specific course).


Credits: 8 Credits as per the Credits for the Semester IV Elective – 4 Credits for Theory and 4 for Practice; a total of 270 hours of work (60 hours in the Classroom, at least 15 hours of individual supervision, and about 196 hours of field practice).



Course Contents:

Developing a holistic understanding of the child in school setting and be able to address the needs for counseling children, adolescents and parents is the aim. Macro, as well as micro theoretical perspectives, in understanding children, systems and parenting strengthens the interventions undertaken at the individual, family and school level. Focus will be on providing agentic strength-based approach to problem-solving and to build on evidence-based interventions for children. Faculty from within and outside School, with adequate specialised knowledge will teach and provide supervision for this Course.


School Counselling has been conceptualised to address the needs for counseling children such as:

academic lags, learning problems, fears and phobias largely elated to school life, bullying, fear of teachers and fear of failure, examination anxiety, aspects related to family life and relationship issues.

And developmental support will come from:

psycho-education and life-skills education namely:
cognitive and problems solving skills,
emotional and social skills,
promoting play in children,
assisting in their career guidance, etc.


Some of the topics:

Theory: Understanding Children In Context: About children, childhood and Parenting, Family, Children-Parent – Attachment theory and implications,

ITheories of parenting, Understanding influences from the Socio-cultural theories: Eco-cultural theories, School as a context: Systemic issues, impact on children.

II. Understanding Children and Their Developmental Needs; Learning & Cognition Phenomena

III Socialisation in the School (and emerging issues in School) – Knowing the child as an

IV Role of the School Counsellor; Model of counselling for schools.

V. Counselling & Interventions: Therapies for Children: Solution-focused therapy, Narrative Therapy, &Family Therapy (it is expected that candidates are exposed to other therapies like BT, CBT and REBT, arts based therapies)

VI Skill-Building: Workshops: Skills to work with children and adolescents; Parents, & teachers.

VII. Assessments with children

  Method of Teaching/Transaction of the Curriculum: Lectures, Demonstrations, Case Studies and some presentations and utilising modules created by students for interventions.

Assessments: As per the Elective course – Examinations and/or assignments (e.g., preparation of modules for intervention, review of literature to look at modules and evidence-based interventions, etc) and presentations) 4 in number, and field practice assessment (utilisation of supervision inputs, concurrent field practice reports and practice skills).

No. of Seats: Maximum number of students to be admitted to the course: 10

Duration of the Course and Course Time: 1 Semester - 15 weeks (three and a half months):

classes once a week; field practice (if not working or has not worked in school settings) for 2 full days a week and one a hour a week for supervision (Individual Conference), and regular group conferences.


Fee Structure:

Fees payable: Rs 13,800/- per student. (If the student opts for detailed assessment in career counselling from another module, extra charges will be applicable; Caution Deposit and Library Deposit will be returned to the student on completion of the Course; actual cost of the Course will be Rs 11,800/-).

Sr. No. Particulars Amount Rs.
1. Tuition Fee 5000
2. Identity Card 300
3. Examination 1000
4. Library 1000
5. Library Deposit 1000
6. Development Fund 2,500
7. Caution 1000
8. Field Work Fees 2500
Total Rs. 14,300/-

Candidates will not be provided with accommodation facilities Selected candidates will be assisted to find accommodation close to the Institute.